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The Studio

Working in a variety of media over the years has required a diverse assembly of machines, hardware, tools and people. The two most significant people that have assisted with these projects are Jennifer Lynds on the left and Eric Ventura on the right. Jennifer manages the office and is responsible for the complex fiber optic placement and cataloging that go into every sculpture. Eric is responsible for the mold making, fabrication processes and a great variety of other tasks. That leaves out a major contribution they both make to the completion of the projects you see on these pages and all the processes of making art.

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Clyde Lynds Sculpture





Describing an artwork in words is much like describing writing with an artwork. The intangible is the real essence and that is invariably lost in translation. The task of describing the work you’ve seen on these pages is left to the talents of the curators, critics and writers listed below.





Collection of

The New Jersey State Museum

83 x 72 x 14
Concrete, Optical fibers,

Paula Deitz.

Writer, Publisher and Editor of the Hudson Review

Ilene Dube

Writer and Critic

Marion Filler

Writer and Critic

Eleanor Heartney

Writer, Art Historian, Critic and Curator

Patricia Malarcher

Writer, Critic

Miranda McClintic

Writer, Critic and Curator

James R. Nelson

Writer, Critic, Director of the Alabama School of Fine Arts

Harry Rand

Writer, Curator of Twentieth Century Art at the

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Traci Sampson

Writer, Critic and Curator

Richard Shea

Writer and Critic

Eileen Watkins

Writer and Critic

William Wethersby

Writer and Critic for the New York Times

William Zimmer

Writer and Critic for the New York Times





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