The above photo tells much aboout its subject. It was taken by Paul

Richard, her husband, on a trip to Block Island. She was inherently shy, abhorred having her picture taken and here at the studio, preferred to remain in the background.

The sculptures shown on these pages and dozens of others not shown, exist in many respects, due to her intelligence, patience and craftsmanship. She was able to take the most complicated task, disassemble it to find its order and systematically reassemble it into the complex arrangements of fibers you can see in the sculptures. That wasn't her only job in the studio but it was one that may explain how she approached the trials of life. While her last years were difficult, she sought to manage the problems of life by finding pleasure even in adversity. Her courage facing an unrelenting, daily struggle is a lesson for all of us.

After a long battle with the effects of stomach cancer, Jennifer died on November 1, 2006.