The Library

This project involved the design and etching of one hundred and twenty glass panels. Invention is the theme and a variety of subjects, from writing to the atomic bomb, are depicted.

Computer controlled lighting concealed in the handrails lights the panels. Short musical pieces have been made with themes being the inventions depicted on the panels. The music is synchronized with the lighting and the pieces are used as dramatic introductions to the library.


To see a video of a few music pieces turn up your sound and click here

To see the video "The Walker Library of Human Imagination" click here

To see a Fortune magazine article "Archive of Wonder" click here

The Library
  To the left, the panels lining this stairway depict the invention of books. The figure standing on the globe in the lower right panel holds the molecule for nylon aloft as a symbol of synthetic fabrics. The panel above it represents art with depictions of women from three periods in history including a Picasso, a Greek Aphrodite and the Willendorf Venus.
  The panels on the bridge that leads into the library depict the invention of writing through various alphabets and writing systems used throughout history.
  These two panels on the right side of a balcony represent the lever (right) and the steam engine.
  Three panels that represent (left to right) the atomic bomb with a symbol of a baby signifying the birth of the atomic age, rubber vulcanization shown as rubber trees with tire tread tree trunks and the aqualung with a figure formed of kelp.