Rutgers Business SchoolRutgers University, Newark, NJ

This project consists of white ceramic laminated in glass panels that line the stairways and the boardroom of the new Rutgers Business School buIlding in Newark, NJ.

Three stand alone compositions, The Working World, The New World and Harbingers explore the relationship of business and education. Each work is unique in concept but each gathers depth from the others. Overall these artworks depict business on a global scale, remark on education as a positive force and reveal that positive force for the future to be the students.

The Working World

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The Working World

This corner panel depicts two of the most important supports of business - energy and finance. Capital and finance are depicted at the top with symbols of foreign currencies, the world's stock exchanges and electronic money transfer. The section below it is divided by green energy technologies on top and the fuels mainly in use now on the bottom.

Flowing across the twenty foot long glass front are lines - drawn to suggest the connections on an electronic board - that link energy and finance to the world of business. The lines, invoking a sense of rapid movement, shift in meaning and form. At various intervals are symbols, formulas and typographical elements describing international business today.