Clyde Lynds Clyde Lynds


Public Commissions

(Private commissions not listed)

New Jersey Transit, City of Garfield, NJ

Rutgers Business School. Newark, NJ

Rutgers University, Camden, NJ

Greater Hartford Arts Council, Hartford, CT
New Jersey State Capitol Plaza, Trenton, NJ
State of New Jersey
United States Courthouse, Montgomery AL
GSA, Washington, DC
New Jersey City University, Jersey City, New Jersey
AT&T Network Operations Center, Bedminster, NJ
New Jersey Transit, Hamilton, New Jersey
IRS Central Computing Facility, Martinsburg, W. VA
GSA, Washington, DC,
Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT
State of Connecticut
Veteran’s Administration Building, Philadelphia, PA
GSA, Washington, DC
New Jersey Memorial Veteran’s Home, Menlo Park, NJ
State of New Jersey
HealthSouth Corporation, Birmingham, Alabama
University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ
State of New Jersey
Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ
State of New Jersey
Foley Square Federal Office Building, New York, NY
GSA, Washington, DC
University of Medicine and Dentistry, Stratford, NJ
State of New Jersey
Townsend Harris High School, Queens College,
City of New York
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers,    New Brunswick, NJ
United States Border Station, Nogales, Arizona
GSA, Washington, DC
New Jersey Memorial Soldier‘s Home,Vineland, NJ
State of New Jersey
Connecticut State Superior Courthouse, Hartford,CT
State of Connecticut
Hewlett Packard Corp., Boston, MA
Schneider Children’s Hospital, New Hyde Park, NY
Amsouth Bank- Harbert Properties Inc., Birmingham, AL
Aegis Properties Ltd., One State Street Square,

Trenton, NJ
World Expo ‘88, Brisbane, Australia
Art for Public Space, Inc., New York, NY
Cermak Plaza, Chicago, IL
Long Ridge Mall, Rochester, NY
Allendale Center, Pittsfield, MA
Cabot, Cabot and Forbes, Baltimore, MD
University Business Center, Santa Barbara, CA
Hamden Plaza, Hamden , CT
Erie Center, Erie, PA

Public Collections

National Building Museum, Washington, DC
National Museum of American Art, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
The New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
Jacksonville Art Museum, Jacksonville, FL
Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, TX
The Newark Museum, Newark, NJ
New York University, New York, NY
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
New York City
State of New Jersey
State of Connecticut
New York Telephone, New York, NY                                     Norton Center for the Arts, MOCA, Jacksonville, FL
Art for Public Space, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA
AT & T, Berkley Heights, NJ
Lucent Technologies, Denver CO
Hewlett Packard Corporation, Boston, MA
Schneider Children’s Hospital, New Hyde Park, NY
SmithKline Beecham, Philadelphia, PA
Forbes Museum, New York, NY
Frederick R. Weisman Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Baaken Museum, Minneapolis, MN
Skokie Public Art, Village of Skokie, IL                     Equitable Real Estate, Atlanta, GA
The Lenkin Companies, Washington, D.C.
Best Products Corporation, VA
Duro-Test Corporation, Fairfield, NJ
Hamden Plaza, Hamden, CT
Cermak Plaza, Chicago, IL
American Film Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
Harbert Corporation, Birmingham, AL
Long Ridge Mall, Rochester, NY
Lydall Inc., Manchester, CT
Service Merchandise Corporation, Nashville, TN
Allendale Center, Pittsfield, MA
Wesleyan Academy, Norfolk, VA

Bibliography - Editions


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AT&T, Basking Ridge, NJ, 1997
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Art for Learning, New York City Board of Education, 1994
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NICAF Yokohama '92, 1st International Contemporary Art Fair.,Yokohama, Japan, 1992
Smith Collects Contemporary, Edward J. Nygren, Smith College Museum of Art,
Northampton, MA, 1991
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The Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc., N. Bethesda, MD
Lichtkunst und Klangobjekte, Stadtmuseum, Siegburg, West Germany, Dr. Machens,
Stadtdirektor, Reinhold Mißelbeck, 1990
Art at Gateway Center, The Prudential Art program, Newark, NJ, 1990
P.U.L.S.E. 2 : Report on a Phenomenon, Phyllis Plous, Nancy Doll, Diane Shamesh, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 1990
The Column from Architecture to Art, Community Arts Inc., San Francisco, CA, 1990
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Visiona, Zurich, Museum für Holographie & neue visuelle Medien, Zurich, Switzerland
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SmithKline & French Research and Development

Art Collection,
Tennyson Schad & Associates, 1989
A Trip to Hamden Plaza,Tom Finkelpearl,

David Bermant Foundation,
Harrison, NY, 1989
Director’s Choice, Artworks, Trenton/Princeton, NJ 1989
Artware, Kunst und Elektronik, David Galloway, Christian Sabisch, 1989
NJSCA Fellowship Exhibition 1987-88, Celeste S. Penney, Chairwoman, NJSCA;
Jeffrey A. Kesper, Executive Director, NJSCA;

Tom Moran,
Visual Arts Coordinator, NJSCA
Images du futur '88, Ginette Major, Herve Fischer, 1988
The World Expo 88 Collection, Philip Bacon, Mark Brindley, 1988
Interaction: Light, Sound, Motion, Forward,

Ellen M. O'Donnell,
Essay, Miranda McClintic, 1988
Lynds - Stelae, Miranda McClintic, 1987
P.U.L.S.E., New York, NY. Introduction, Alanna Heiss; Forward, Jenny Dixon;
"Today's Machines", Tom Finkelpearl, 1987
Future Histories: The Impact of Changing Technology, Marilyn A. Zeitlin, 1985
Connections: Science into Art, Paul Master-Karnik, 1984
The David Bermant Collection: Color, Light, Motion, Introduction: Tracy Atkinson, 1984
Art in Light and Illusion, Itsuo Sakane, 1982
Invisible Energy, Ann Davis, Curator of Canadian Art, 1978
Art of the Space Era, Carolyn Wood, 1978
Energy into Art, Bruce W. Chambers, 1978
From Electric Fires Spirits Be Kindled,

Luke Rombout, 1977
The Material Dominant, 1977
Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture,

Alan S. Weller, 1974
Contemporary American Art, Elmer J. Porter, 1970
Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture,

Alan S. Weller, 1969
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Princeton University, October, 1999
Foley Square Federal Office Building, November, 1998
CT State University, Storrs, CT, 1998
Montclair Museum, Montclair, NJ, March 1996
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, April, 1984

Selected Awards

GSA National Design Award, 1997, General Services Administration, Washington DC
Fellowship, 1989, New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Fellowship, 1984, New Jersey State Council on the Arts
First Prize and Medal of Honor,1968, The Painters and Sculptors Society of New Jersey
First Prize, 1968, Westfield Art Association, Cranford, NJ
First Prize, 1968, Monmouth College Festival of Fine Art
First Prize, 1968, The Salmagundi Club Scholarship Exhibit, New York, NY
First Prize, 1967, Clifton Art Association, Clifton, NJ
First Prize, 1967, The Salmagundi Club Scholarship Auction, New York, NY


10/11/07 ABC TV, New York

10/11/07  KYW Newsradio

9/19/07 Fox News, Philadelphia

11/22/05 Art in the Public Square. New Jersey Network

11/18/05-Art in the Public Square. New Jersey Network

8/20/01 State of the Arts, New Jersey Network
8/21/01 State of the Arts, New Jersey Networtk
10/11/95 CBS News, Channel 40, Atlantic City
7/21/84 An Artist Forum, WNYC-TV, New York
2/21/84 State of the Arts, PBS Channel 13, New York
2/19/84 State of the Arts, New Jersey Network

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
2008 Broadway Windows, New York University, NY
2001 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY
2000 Broadway Windows, New York University, NY
1994 Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH
1994 Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS
1994 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY
1993 Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ
1993 New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
1992 Hiro Garou, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Yoh Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1991 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY
1990 ETS, Princeton, NJ
1989 Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL
1988 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY
1987 Wallace Wentworth Gallery, Washington, DC
1987 OK South, South Miami, FL
1986 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY
1985 Broadway Windows, New York University, NY
1985 Wallace Wentworth Gallery, Washington, DC
1978 Electric Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1977 Electric Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1975 Babcock Galleries, New York, NY
1973 Babcock Galleries, New York, NY
1973 Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
1971 Babcock Galleries, New York, NY
1970 Babcock Galleries, New York, NY
1969 Babcock Galleries, New York, NY
1968 Wakeling Gallery, Wood-Ridge, NJ

Group Exhibitions


2013 OK Harris Gallery "Illuminators"
2009 Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ,"Out of the Vault: 95 Years of Collecting at MAM"
2008 Stedman Gallery, Camden, NJ, "Creative Dialogue"
2005 NY Percent for Art Program, "City Art"
2004 Museum of Art, Melbourne, FL
2003 Mill Gallery, Guilford, CT, “Lamination”
2000 Hunterdon Museum, Clinton, NJ “sci+ART+tech”
1998-99 Islip Art Museum, E. Islip, NY, “The Light Show”
1997 GSA Design Awards, Foley Square Federal
Office Building, New York, NY
1997 GSA Design Awards, National Building Museum,
Washington, DC
1997 Shapes of Time & Tide, Mystic Art Association,
Mystic, CT
1994 Hiro Garou, Tokyo, Japan
1993 NICAF Yokohama ’93, Yokohama, Japan
1993 ARTech, Butler Institute of American Art,
Youngstown, OH
1992 NICAF Yokohama ‘92, Yokohama, Japan
1992 Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State
University, Wichita,KS,“P.U.L.S.E.”
1991 Museum of Art, Smith College,
North Hampton, MA,
"Smith Collects Contemporary"
1991 Artworks, Trenton, NJ
1991 Norton Center, Centre College, Danville, KY, "Centrepieces"
1991 Jacksonville Museum, Jacksonville, FL, "Photons; Phonons; Electrons"
1991 Upton Pyne, Bernardsville, NJ, Benefit – Morristown Hospital, "Designers Showhouse"
1990-91 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ, Gateway Center and The Prudential Insurance Co.,
"Art at Gateway Center"

The Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc., N. Bethesda, MD, "Metaphoric Structures: Science,

Symbols & Matter"


The Gallery at Hastings-on-Hudson,

"Nature and the Machine"


Stadtmuseum, Siegburg, West Germany,

"Lichtkunst und Klangobjekte"

1990 University of California, "P.U.L.S.E.", The David Bermant Foundation,
Santa Barbara, CA
1990 Olympia and York, Community Arts, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, "The Column from Architecture to Art"
1990 Stadtwerke Dussëldorf AG, Dussëldorf, West Germany, "Licht & Klang Objekte"
1990 Airports Commission, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, CA, "A Shade of Light"
1990 Susan Cooper Gallery, Woodstock, NY, "Cyborg"
1989 Community Arts Inc., Pine Street Lobby Gallery, San Francisco, CA,
"The Column in Art and Architecture"
1989 Museum für Holographie & neue visuelle Medien, Vienna, Austria, "Visiona"
1989 Artworks, Visual Arts Center of Princeton and Trenton, Trenton City Museum,
Trenton NJ ,"Directors Choice"
1992 Museum für Holographie & neue visuelle Medien and the city of Zürich,
1993 Zürich, Switzerland, "Visiona, First International Media Art Exhibition"
1989 Urban Arts, Boston, MA, "On Site/New England, Public Art in Perspective"
1989 Artware '89, Hannover, West Germany, "Kunst und Elektronik"
1989 Le Musée de la Civilisation, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, "Electrique"
1989 Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, MO
1989 Nabisco Gallery, East Hannover, NJ, "Architectural Themes in Art"
1988 The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT, "Interaction: Light, Sound, Motion"
1988 La Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal,
Montreal, Canada, "Images du Futur 88"
1988 University of Massachusetts, Hampden Gallery, "Art in the Dark,
Luminous Painting and Sculpture in the 1980's"
1988 The Squibb Gallery, Squibb Corp., Princeton, NJ, "Interaction - Science and Art"
1988 The Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ, "NJSCA Fellowship Exhibition"
1988 Wit's End, Dobb's Ferry, NY, "Inspirations, Drawing from the Source"
1988 Art Awareness, Lexington, NY, "Civilized Life"
1988 Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA ,"Tortue is OK"
1987 Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, FL ,"New Space - New Work - New York"
1987 Wallace Wentworth Gallery, Washington, DC, "Light"
1987 Jayne H. Baum Gallery, New York, NY ,"Past and Future Monuments"
1987 The David Bermant Foundation, New York, NY, "P.U.L.S.E."
1987 The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, "Interface '87"
1987 A.R.E.A., New York, NY, "A.R.E.A. in the Dark"
1986 Art et Industrie, New York, NY, "Ritual Objects"
1986 Public Art Trust, Washington, DC, "Four Sculptors"

First City Center, Austin, TX,

"Light Into the Fourth Dimension"

1985 Roberson Center for the Arts and Sciences, Binghamton, NY

Light Gallery, New York, NY,

"Artists Salute the Return of Halley’s Comet"

1985 Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA,
"Future Histories: The Impact of Changing Technology"

Nabisco USA Gallery, East Hanover, NJ,

"NJSCA Fellowship Exhibition"


Summit Art Center, Summit, NJ,

"Connections: Science into Art"


Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.,

"Fine Art by NJ Artists"


Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT,

"Color, Light and Motion"


Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, NJ,

"NJSCA Fellowship Exhibition"

1984 AT&T, Basking Ridge, NJ, "New Directions"
1984 National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Hartford, CT

World Trade Center, New York, NY, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Port Authority of NY/NJ,

"Art for Public Space"


Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada,

"Invisible Energy"


Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan,

"Art in Light and Illusion"


University of Rochester Memorial Gallery, Rochester, NY, "Energy into Art-Technological Art in America 1964-1978"


Huntsville Museum, Hunstville, AL,

"Art of the Space Era"

1977 Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
1977 Artspace Gallery, Peterborough, Canada
1977 McIntosh Gallery, London, England

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada,

"From Electric Fires Spirits Be Kindled"

1977 IKI, Cologne, West Germany
1977 Basel International Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto, Canada,

"Festival of Light"

1976 IKI, Cologne, West Germany
1976 Lynnwood Art Centre, Simcoe, Canada

Intermedia Foundation, Garnersville, NY,

"Theatre of Light"

1975 Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY, "Homage to Thomas Wilfred"
1975 New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY
1974 University of Illinois Biennial, "Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture, 1974"

The Junior Art Gallery, Louisville, KY,

"Light Sculpture, 1973"


Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY,

"Light, Motion, Sound"


Indiana State University Centennial Exhibition,

Terre Haute, IN

1970 Delaware Art Center, Wilmington, DE
1969 University of Illinois Biennial, "Contemporary American
Painting and Sculpture"
1969 Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute, San Antonio, TX
1969 Museum of Art of Ogunquit, ME, "Drawings by Young Americans"

Painters and Sculptors Society of New Jersey,

Jersey City, NJ

1968 Westfield Art Association, Union College, Cranford, NJ

Monmouth College Festival of Fine Art,

Long Branch, NJ

1968 Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
1967 New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ

Painters and Sculptors Society of New Jersey,

Jersey City, NJ


Salmagundi Club, New York, NY,

"Scholarship Exhibition"


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